10 Bonfire Night Activities for Kids & Toddlers

10 Bonfire Night Activities for Kids & Toddlers

Planning a perfect bonfire for a family event or for the 5th of November is a must-to-do activity to make sure everybody has a good time. Thereby, to help you increase the thrill and joy, we have gathered a list of some fun and engaging bonfire night activities for kids and toddlers. 

Kids of all ages enjoy sparkly stars and shining glittering arts and crafts. While assuring their safety, there are a lot of fun activities that you can plan and help your kids enjoy to the fullest.

However, to not run out of budget buy fireworks for sale; so an keep an eye on the seasonal sales. This way you can get the amazing deals. Also, know that these sales for fireworks are often rolled around the holiday seasons. 

Thereby, plan a fireworks show in a cost-effective ways as well. See below some of the amazing kids’ activities for bonfire night. 

Bonfire Night Activities for Kids

Bonfire night activities for kids can include a bunch of fun art and crafts and lighting some colorful fireworks, which would instantly lift the mood of the complete environment. Everybody would enjoy it as no fun celebration is complete without magical fireworks. 

1. Plan a Fireworks Show Firework Artworks

Firework artwork is a fun crafty activity. It will keep your kids engaged for quite some time and help them learn new art skills as well. In this particular activity, you cut out one side of the empty tissue rolls with the help of scissors. 

After that you invert and the cutout edges and paste it onto the cardboard with glue. Now paint the pasted edges with a choice of your colors; make sure to add lots of vibrant colors. While the paint is still wet, you can also sprinkle some shimmering glitters to add an extra spark to your artwork.

2. Bonfire Circle Game

This is another very interesting bonfire night activity for kids to plan a fireworks show. Firstly, stand in a circle, and the caller has to shout out phrases like 'in the bonfire' or 'out of the bonfire' and 'on the logs and sparkles' in no regular order. 

Everyone has to perform a set of actions against each phrase, like putting up hands out to the imaginary bonfire when the caller shouts 'In the bonfire.' Likewise, putting hands up in the air when hearing 'out of the bonfire.'

In addition to this, hands on the knees when the caller shouts 'on the logs' and raising hands in the air and shaking them upon hearing "sparkles'.

Anyone who ends up doing the wrong action will be out of the game. However, one who remains last will be the winner of the game.

3. Sparkling Names

Write your names in the sky with a sparkly pen and ask someone to capture burst shots while you do the action of writing your name. Results would be some nice and moving shots of glowing names in the night sky. 

Make sure to add this amazing activity while you plan a fireworks show because it results in a lot of fun. 

4. Hot (Bonfire Night) Potato Game

A hot-boiled potato is passed in this game. Everyone standing in the circle must continue to give the potato as the music plays. As the music stops, the one with the potato in his hand will be eliminated, and the game continues until one player survives the hot bouncing potato.

5. Scratch Work Firework Craft

Color a piece of paper with different random colors and then color the whole colorful page with a black crayon. Give the sheets to your kids and let them scratch out the black crayon revealing a colorful pattern and creating a firework of their own.

Bonfire Night Activities for Toddlers

Bonfire night activities for toddlers include fun, colorful, and safe fireworks ideas that excite everybody and give a new experience to the toddler. Your toddlers and kids, teenagers, and even parents will find the following bonfire night activities very interesting and catchy because who doesn't like fun!

Handling fireworks in the presence of toddlers can be dangerous so we suggest to plan a fireworks show safely. There are some indoor firework-inspired activities that these little ones will enjoy to avoid any trouble. 

1. Bonfire Cupcakes

Prepare a cake batter of different colors and let these toddlers mix and taste. After baking:

• Hand over the piping bags to them.

• Hold their hands.

• Pipe out cute designs of fireworks, logs, stars, sparkles.

• Write a bonfire on it.

2. Fireworks in a Jar

Using a glass jar, oil, water, and food coloring, you can create your firework effect display. It is not only easy but lovely for toddlers. As the food color droplets, daces look over to your toddler who's dancing on the other side too.

3. Straw-Blown Fireworks

Add some water paints to your sheet of paper. Blow air onto the paint by straw and spread it into a fabulous firework. Simply easy and not too messy as well; so a perfect plan a fireworks show could have. 

4. Fruit Rockets

Get wooden skewers, tin foil, and fresh fruit. Cut your tinfoil into thin strips, glue them to the bottom of your skewers to form the tail of your rockets. Take strawberries or watermelons in triangles as the head of the rockets. Thread your fruit onto the skewers, topped with your rocket heads and Bon appetite.

5. Paint a Firework Scene

Let your toddlers do the art. Hand over a large sheet and paints to them and let them paint fireworks bare hand. It might be a little messy but will surely be fun too.

It Sums Up 

Parents always worry about their children's safety, either it's an indoor activity or outdoor. Inevitably, it doubles when you plan a fireworks show. You are always vigilant to avoid any mishap. Thereby, our shared list of bonfire games for kids and toddlers ensure that parents are involved with their children under their supervision. Thus, your kids can have the best, most exciting, and playful time of their lives. 

Furthermore, games like these boost the level of creativity in children, opens a new canvas, and gives them an experience that they'll never forget. The parent-child interactive activities increase the bond between the child and their parents. Your kids develop a sense of love and protection for their guardians as they always look forward to spending quality time with them. 

This bond grows deeper and stronger as the kids develop trust and security under the shade of their loved ones.